Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Visits

Jared and I have discovered an interesting fact about our daughter: she loves to visit the same place every Sunday. You would never be able to guess what place it is she likes to visit, because most kids hate it. Yep, that's right the doctor's office.

Every Sunday, Ella somehow manages to convince us that she needs to go urgent care. Mostly, it has been for her ears. But, not today. Today when we came home from grocery shopping Ella had decided to throw up. It was not just a little bit-it was an enormous amount. It soaked her clothes, my clothes, and her floor. So, of course we naturally bring her to the doctors office thinking it is something serious. All of the baby books say if your child is throwing up you need to take them to get checked out. So, we load up the car and head to the doctor's office. However, once we get there she is completely fine-giggling, talking and smiling.

We are convinced she knows when the on-call doctor is working because he has seen us the past three times we have been there which has been three weeks in a row. He kindly told us with a smile he could tell we were first time parents!

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