Monday, October 12, 2009

ALDS 2009

This past weekend we had the opportunity to witness the final Twins game ever to be played in the Metrodome.

The trip really started last Tuesday following a great play-in game between the Twins and the Tigers. After half an hour hitting redial on three phones and watching eight windows of Internet Explorer waiting in line to get tickets, we were able to score seats!

We headed up to the Cities Saturday morning, with a detour through the Medford outlet mall. Though the trip had just started, stops at Carter's, Osh Kosh b'Gosh and Gymboree made Angie's weekend a success (and our daughter's of course)!

Saturday night we ended up at the Mall of America in Macy's Women's shoes department and it made Jared's night - really. Although none of the other patrons recognized him, Jared noticed they were shopping alongside Mariano Rivera, his wife, and daughter. We thought it was too weird to talk to him without purpose, but we did follow him around for a while (is that less creepy?).

The game finally came around on Sunday night, and we were pumped. Though Friday's game had been something less then disappointing, we hoped the Metrodome crowd could help carry the Twins to victory. We did our best, but unfortunately the crowd was unable to convice Nick Punto he couldn't go from 2nd base to home on a grounder to the shortstop.

Though the game did not work out as planned, we were glad that we were able to witness the final game in the Metrodome for the Twins and look forward to many more Twins games in the new outdoor stadium for years to come.

  • Our daughter is doing well and is growing quickly-as evident by Angie's expanding waistline.
  • We are in our third trimester! Offically 83 days until our due date! The time has flown by and we are our very excited to meet her. We our thankful that God has blessed us with a healthy pregnancy and continue to pray that Angie and the baby will remain healthy throughout the pregnancy and delivery.
  • Angie's glucose test came back normal but her hemoglobin count was 11.5 and it needed to be at 12, so she is on an iron pill.
  • Angie's master's paper is going well. She has her proposal, ch. 1, and ch. 2 finished. Now, she is working on chapter 3.