Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We do not have any pictures, but you wouldn't want one anyway.

Up until this point, we have been fortunate not to have been pooped or peed on...until today. As I was chatting on the phone with my sister, Jared kindly decided to prepare Ella for her bath. As he was running the water, I heard a yell from the bathroom. I was wondering what was happening. Figuring it wasn't all that bad, I went to the bathroom 5 minutes later. I should have came sooner! Ella decided her tummy was full and need to make room. So, what'd she do? She pooped on the counter, the sink, her dad, and basically the entire bathroom. To make things better, Gracie decided she needed to join in on the action to try and help clean it up with her tongue. She was quickly shooed out of the bathroom. So, we got Ella in the bathtub and started the process when we began to see bubbles come from the water. At first, it was just the toots, but was shortly followed by the real thing. So, we had to repeat the process again.

Ella did not seem to mind; she smiled through the whole ordeal.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Want A Horsey!

For Christmas, Ella's uncle Chris made her a beautiful rocking horse. We can't wait until she is big enough to ride it, and we think she feels the same!


Well...we were talking this morning and decided we were either going to quit our blog or get on the stick and start writing. We have realized there are so many things that we could write about! So, here you go!

Ella has:

-discovered her tounge and now chews on it

-discovered that her smile melts her parent's heart

-discovered she can use her voice, so she has been busy cooing
-discovered it is really fun to grab things and put them in her mouth (her favorite is her toy elephant)
-discovered it is not fun to get her nose sucked out
-discovered it is not fun to be in the hospital

We have had an amazing time watching her grow and learn new things. We could sit for hours and just watch her, and sometimes we do. Thankfully, our families do not expect a spick and span house!