Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Answer To Prayer

Last night one of our prayer requests was answered! We have been dilligently praying about finding a daycare. We were starting to get frustrated and disappointed because it seemed like all the referrals we had were already full with maximum number of infants. Thankfully, on Thursday, one of Jared's friends from work referred us to her daycare provider. Jared's co-worker has been going to this daycare for seven years and recently enrolled their 3rd baby, so we feel good about the referrence. Jared called and there was one spot left for an infant.

We set up an interview for Friday night and it went very well. The woman is a very Christ-centered person and it was evident from talking with her. She is involved in her church and passionate about what she does. She is an older woman who has been doing daycare for quite some time. We loved that her sweatshirt she was wearing said, "Grandma's love is everlasting." Her home is near Christ the King Church, which is nice because it is very close to our home. Jared will do the drop-off in the morning and I will pick her up in the afternoon.

Thank you to those who have been praying with and for us on finding a daycare. It is a very big decision and we are thankful God answered our prayers in such a wonderful way. His timing is truly the right timing!