Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day and Firsts

This weekend we were able to go to down to Sioux Center to visit Chris and Christin. It was a ton of fun (minus the car ride where Ella decided to scream like she was being tortured almost the ENTIRE time)! Chris, Jared, and Christin were able to get a lot of projects accomplished. Ella and I tried to help when possible. I think Ella's favorite thing to do was lay on the bathroom and tell Christin and I stories as we worked in the bathroom. Christin, Ella, and I also had the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather, and great conversation on our walks around Sioux Center. It was picture perfect and wonderful spending time with them.

It was so fun to share Ella's first swimming experience with her aunt and uncle. She loved the water and the hustle and bustle the pool provided. She did not cry once! Unfortunately, the video does not show her giggles and smiles like we were able to enjoy in the pool. I will post videos later. We will defintely be heading to the pool a lot! I think she will become a water bug.

Also, Christin and I experimented with our FuzziBunz cloth diapers. They worked really well and her rumped looked really cute in them. I ordered more because we are going to switch to cloth diapers. Yes, some may think we are crazy but it really isn't that much more work. At least Christin and I have each other for support :) It will also save money and help the environment by not filling up the land-fills. We also found another way to save money: making your own laundry detergent. Jared and I made some last night and tried it out. It works well and was easy to do!

More pictures to come with Ella and her FuzziBunz!

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