Monday, June 14, 2010

Fire in the Hole

This summer one of our goals as a family was to not go out to eat-especially on the weekdays. We are on a frugality kick to accomplish some goals we have for the future. Every week, we cut coupons and plan out lunches and dinner for the nights.

Tonight, we were having marinated chicken, rice, and vegetables. So, I started making the rice on the stove. I added my two cups of water and was waiting for the water to boil. I walked out of the kitchen to check on Jared and Ella. From the living room, I thought I heard the water boiling over. I was thinking that was not possible since it was only two cups of water. It is a good thing I walked into the kitchen when I did, because I managed to start a fire!

Out of habit, I turned on the front left burner. Unfortunately, that was not the burner with the rice on it. Instead was our wood cutting board - which had burst into flames. Luckily, I had a pot of water right next to the flame and was able to douse it out!

I've decided to make the rice in the microwave tonight.

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