Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Late Night Adventure

Last night held much excitement at the Fluth household. As Jared and I were doing our nightly routines before we turned in for the night, I had the grand idea of having a slice of cinnamon bread instead of the usual-animal crackers (I always take something with my vitamins). Unfortunately, I did no have the ability to foresee what was going to happen within the next few minutes-which then turned into hours.

As I went to the cut the deliciously smelling bread, I also cut through part of my index finger. As I stood by the sink, screaming and crying in pain, I knew that this was not going to be good-as did Jared once he took a look at my wonderful carving skills. So, at 10:15 we warely drove to Avera's Emergency room. I was somewhat relieved when we went in and found an empty waiting room. I thought this meant it would be a short visit. That was not the case. The nurse took me back and did paperwork, checked blood pressure and all that jazz and proceeded to look at my throbbing finger. With one look, she said, "Yeah, that's gonna need stitches." So, we waited until 11:30 to get into a room. I was then told I would also need a tetnus shot! Not my night...I was really hoping not to have to get a shot, but that wasn't an option last night. So, I got my tetnus shot and as well as numbing injections in my finger so that I would not feel the pain. We finally arrived home after midnight and were ready for bed.

Jared said I am no longer allowed to use bread knives after 10:00pm, and I am completely fine with that!

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