Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Year...

This week, I celebrated my 26th birthday-which I think is crazy. I can no longer say I'm in my mid 20's. I now have to say I am in my upper 20's...yikes!
Posted below is a picture of the DELICIOUS cake Jared made for me. I now am going to have him make it more often :)
This week I began to feel stressed about all of the happenings in the months to come. I am trying to work ahead on writing my RAP while gathering all of the data for my paper and setting up all the parts to the study in my classroom. I am no longer doing a quantitative study because of other factors that went along with my study. Hopefully, the qualitative study will not require much more writing than the quantitative :) While I have made a lot of progress, I am beginning to wonder how I am going to get it all done once our daughter arrives. I just have to trust that God will not give more than I can handle and that all will be well.

Thankfully, I have found a long-term sub. However, we are still in search of a daycare. Most daycares will not reserve a spot this early in the year for a spot at the end of February. Please pray that one of our two options that we like the best will work out.

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