Monday, August 10, 2009

It's A Girl!

Today we had our ultrasound and found out we are having a healthy baby girl! Praise God for answers to prayer about the developmet and health of our baby.

It was very exciting to see how much she had grown since our first ultrasound on June 2nd. The little girl was moving but was being very stubborn. We almost weren't able to find out the gender because she was face down to my back. With much poking and prodding on my stomach, we were able to get her to move. Because of the position, we were only able to capture a few 3D images, and none of her full face.

It was an amazing experience! We cannot describe what it is like to see your future child growing and moving inside of you! We will post pictures soon!

Thank you for your prayers!
Jared and Angie

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