Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cloth Diapering

So, it has been just over a month that our family has been cloth diapering. And, I have to say that we have enjoyed it (and yes, even Jared did come around). One tool that we have loved having while cleaning the poopy diapers is our bumGenius diaper sprayer. It makes cleaning the poop not so disgusting!

We have enjoyed the benefits of cloth diapering. The biggest benefit has been that Ella no longer gets diaper rash-which has to feel good for her. It is also a good reminder that natural is better. Disposables have so many chemicals in them that it cannot be good for babies skin. We have also enjoyed putting fun colors on her rump!

This past week Elegant Mommy (a locally owned store in Sioux Falls) had a fabulous sale on bumGenius 3.0. They were only $12, which is a great deal! They sold out incredibly fast. We wished that we would have bought more but were not sure if we would like them. But, we did!

The two types of diapers we have tried are FuzziBunz and bumGenius 3.0. I have to admit, I wish that we would have bought more bumGenius' than FuzziBunz. They are trimmer, more light weight, and easier to put on because of the velcro. This may not be an issue for some people, but Ella is a mover and a shaker so it tends to get a bit tricky at times when you are trying to snap her up and she is rolling around.

To any of our fellow blog readers who are going to have babies, we would suggest cloth diapering. The laundry isn't much more and it helps keep your baby rash free. It is an investment at the beginning, but the great part is that you can use the diapers for all of your kids and so it pays off in the end and within the first year.

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