Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week One at Home

We've survived our first week at home! It seems unbelievable that Ella is already 9 days old, but we have done our best to treasure each moment as it arrives. We've also tried to capture as many of them in photos as we can, and we'll try to share them as well.

On our way out of the hospital we discovered that Ella's bilirubin numbers were too high, so we have spent some time this past week on the lovely "Wallaby 3" system. While a bit cumbersome, I think it actually soothes Ella as she sleeps (something her parents greatly appreciate). It also makes her look like a pretty cute glowworm.

We have also enjoyed the many faces of Ella, it seems her expression is constantly changing!

We've been blessed by the fact that Ella is a good sleeper. We have been waking her up during the night after 4 hours so she can eat. We are really praying that her sleep continues in this manner, it has really helped us as we try to avoid exhaustion. This is Ella this morning as she was having a difficult time waking up for breakfast.

We were thankful today that Ella's sleep/eat schedule aligned well so we could attend church this morning. Here is Ella and Daddy after getting ready for church.

This afternoon some of us are watching the Vikings/Cowboys game, and others are napping. Clearly 3/4ths of the family has decided to nap!


  1. She is such a cutie! Cherish each moment - they go by way too quickly!

  2. Look at that precious little peanut. She is just adorable, Ang. I mean...stinkin' CUTE!!! I want to snuggle with her so incredibly BAD. :) I'm very thankful that she has a good sleep schedule...especially for YOU because you need as much rest as possible.

    Thank you for updating the blog and posting so many pictures. Keep them coming...I LOVE them!