Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Festivities!

We spent the weekend in George celebrating the 4th of July. We had a wonderful time!
  • It started with the duck races at 9am, and though it was drizzling we still had a fun time watching our ducks. They did not win, of course, but we did get to see Tyler's duck take 6th place for $50.
  • We followed the ducks with breakfast at the Strike Zone where apparently Jared has a "usual". We also found out that we didn't need to tell anyone in George that we were expecting, apparently the whole town already knows!
  • We went to George and Genola's house to hang out with family, but first made sure we staked out our places for the parade. If you do not have your chairs in place 3+ hours in advance there is no way you are sitting along the street!
  • Before lunch was served we went across the street to the George Museum. Although we didn't know going in, Grandpa George gives tours at the museum on Sunday's so we had a professionally led tour.
  • After lunch, we headed down to the carnival for 25-cent games of BINGO. After 8 games and not a single sniff of victory, we gave up. The most exciting part of the game was witnessing Fred the cop have to take away a man for public intoxication!
  • We spent some time in the late afternoon relaxing out at the farm and taking Gracie for a long walk. She had spent the whole day alone at the farm, and did a great job not causing any ruckus. Whenever we were there, she could not stop from going window-to-window to take in all the sights. One window had a view of the cattle, another the sheep, and the third the cat and her kittens. Suddenly our windows at home which hold simply cars and people walking by were boring in comparison.
  • We ended our night by heading back to town for the fireworks display. Although the pie auction took some extra time, we heard it brought in around $14,000 so that was great! The fireworks were also awesome, though our favorite part was listening to all the little kids oohing and ahing over each display. We anticipate future year's displays where we can listen to our own little one doing so.
We hope you all had a great time on the 4th, we sure did!

Jared and Angie

The ducks coming around the first corner...

Getting closer...

And the finish...

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  1. Hey you!! I'm so thrilled that you ended up starting a blog!! Woo-hoo! Now, you just have to add the "followers" gadget like I had Robyn add to hers! Then, I can get all of your updates on my dashboard!! :) Let me know if you need help with that!

    I'll talk to Robyn today and see when we can get together!